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Build Scheduling - Windows Service?

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Oct 19, 2006 at 10:48 PM
We have received some interest for a build scheduling feature, especially the ability the setup a nightly build to run.

While setting up nightly builds can be achived using Scheduled Tasks in Windows (administrators can do this today), it would be in everyone interest to have this ability directly in the Automaton Dashboard.

I have created a new project of Windows Service type where we can implement the logic for this, but we should discuss around the architecture.

1. Should we move all build scheduling into this new service and take it out of the dashboard?

2. I guess we have to use .NET Remoting to communicate with the service unless we use WSE 3.0 or WCF.

3. What else can it do for background processing? Perhaps crunch some statistics, etc. that could be usefull to present in the dashboard?

3.1 Check-in statistics
3.2 User statistics
3.3 Source statistics
3.4 Simian reports?

Even if you're not a developer on the team, we would like to hear your comments.
Nov 1, 2006 at 3:39 PM
1) I'd second having a windows service to schedule tasks from. The Scheduled Tasks command line bat file way of doing it is a bit annoying. It would be better if the dashboard would let you create/modify/delete scheduled builds right there.

2) I'm not picky on the method of communication as long as it doesn't rely on a non-rtm product. Getting things approved for install in my build environment is tough enough without having to explain why I need to use a beta or RC version.

3) Stats are awesome. Managers love numbers and pretty pictures. :)