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Executing Command-Line Tasks

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Dec 7, 2006 at 7:54 PM
Ok. So my previous build machine used a combination of CCNet and Nant to run my builds. CCNet was there for the CI part which fired off my Nant script, which had builtin tasks for building the solution, but let me specify command line tasks to build the Installshield Setup and the ISO for the CD.
So it would detect a source code change, compile the source, build the setup, build the ISO, and copy the setup and the ISO to a network location.

With TFS and Automaton, I have pretty much a replacement for that entire process. The new combo will build the source and also the Installshield setup. But, the CD Image creation, is something that I don't how to do with TFS/Automaton. Now I have: Detect a Change, Compile the Source, Build the Setup.

Is there a feature in Automaton that will let me script Commandline tasks to execute? or Is there a feature like this in development?
Dec 10, 2006 at 8:18 PM
This is built into MSBuild already and there is a task called "Exec" that you can use.

More details:

You can hook into the MSBuild process at various stages in the build process and do what you need to.